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Rates and Terms


If you have rented from us before you will see a change in our pricing. In 2005 we provided all the attendants for all the attractions at no charge. While this service proved very popular with our customers, the high cost of insurance and transportation has forced us to change our policy. This service is still available to our customers under the “COMMERCIAL RATE”. All prices based a 4 hour rental. (Minimum)


Prices listed as “PARTY RATE” are rent and operate.
Our “PARTY RATE” customers will have an on site manager with rules, releases and provide technical support for you and your group of volunteers.


Due to the nature of our business and the fluxuation of fuel prices, these prices are subject to change without notice.

Deliveries in central Arkansas up to 25 miles from Little Rock will not incur a travel charge.

Travel fees as of 1/4/06 are as follows:

Faulkner, Garland, Grant, Lonoke, Perry and White counties will be charged $25.00 per truck.

Arkansas, Clark, Conway, Dallas, Hot Spring, and Van Buren counties will be charged $50.00 per truck

Johnson, Jackson, Pope, Sebastian an Ouachita counties will be charged $75.00 per truck.

Craighead, and Washington counties will be charged $100.00 per truck

INDIVIDUAL UNIT:  Party Rate Additional Hour Commercial Rate Additional Hour
BUNGEE SPORT CHALLENGE $350.00 $85.00 $400.00 $100.00
SWAMPER STOMPER $400.00 $100.00 $450.00 $112.50
20' SUPER SLIDE $350.00 $90.00 $450.00 $112.50
MAGIC CIRCUS PLAYLAND $350.00 $90.00 $400.00 $100.00
MOONWALK $150.00 $30.00 $200.00 $50.00
DUNKING BOOTH $200.00 $25.00
INFLATABLE ARCH $85.00 $25.00
TENTS 10x10   $20.00 $10.00
TICKET BOOTH $25.00 $10.00
ALL GAMES (unless listed below)* $15.00 $5.00
MILK THE COW GAME $25.00 $10.00
DOWN A CLOWN $25.00 $10.00
CORK GUN GALLERY** $25.00 $10.00
RADAR SEED PITCH $25.00 $10.00
BALLOON DARTS (includes 144 balloons) $25.00 $10.00
CLOWN STRIKER (Ring the Bell) $25.00 $10.00
MINI BASKET BALL $25.00 $10.00
SPIN ART w/100 cards and paint $50.00 ***

*Available Games include: Duck Pond, Plinko, Quarterback Toss, Spill the Milk, Tin Can Smash, Big Mouth Clown, Taz Big Mouth, Crazy Ball, and Three in a Row.

** Please keep in mind this game uses guns, and is not welcome in some places.
*** If more spin art cards are needed, they are available for .25 per card or $25.00/100

- Based on a 4 hour rental (minimum)

(All packages have a 10% discount applied to them)
Party Rate Additional Hour Commercial Rate Additional Hour
AIncludes: Bungee Sport Challenge, Swamper Stomper, Super Slide, Moonwalk and Magic Circus. $1440.00 $360.00 $1790.00 $447.50
B”  Includes: Swamper Stomper, Super Slide, Moonwalk, and Magic Circus. $1162.50 $290.00 $1462.50 $365.00
C” Includes:  Swamper Stomper, Super Slide and Moonwalk. $810.00 $202.50 $1060.00 $265.00
"D” Includes:  Swamper Stomper and Moonwalk $495.00 $123.75 $273.75 $68.50
"E” Includes:  Moonwalk and Super Slide $450.00 $112.50 $600.00 $150.00
"F” Includes:  Moonwalk and Dunking Booth $315.00 $78.75 $365.00 $91.25
Swamper Stomper, Bungee Sport Challenge, Super Slide, and Dunking Booth
$1080.00 $270.00 $1330.00 $332.50

The Dunking Booth can be added to any package for only $150.00


As per Arkansas State Law, all amusement operators should be covered by One Million dollars general liability insurance. Of course FUN KINGDOM AMUSEMENTS has the required insurance and proof is available to anyone who request a copy mailed or faxed to them. To be a “Certificate Holder” there is no charge, but arrangements must be made in advance with our insurance company.
If your business or organization requires to be named as “Additional Insured” there will be a $250.00 premium charged to the renter.


Depending on your event and what your goals are, we can either bring our fully equipped concession trailer to your event and sell the products to the customers and then return 25% of the gross receipts to your organization. There is a minimum charge of $ 250.00 If the gross receipts don’t reach $250.00. If the gross sales exceed $250.00, your percentage will be paid off the TOTAL gross amount.

Items available and their cost are as followed:

FUNNEL CAKES $250.00 -100 Cakes $1.00 each after the 1st 100
COTTON CANDY $100.00 -150 Bags .50 each after the 1st 150
SNOW CONES $100.00-150 Cones .60 each after the 1st 150
POP CORN $100.00-150 Bags .60 each after the 1st 150
LEMONADE * $100.00-150 Cups .60 each after the 1st 150
HOT DOGS $100.00- 90 Dogs 1.00 each after the 1st 90
NACHOS $100.00- 120 Trays 75 each after the 1st 120

* Real Lemons are not included in this price. If you wish to have real Lemons, a price per the current market cost can be quoted.


ALL rented equipment and requested dates will only be guaranteed with a 25% NON REFUNDABLE deposit. Deposits will be refunded only due to bad weather. All deposits must be mailed in 4 weeks prior to your event, or you may lose your date and or equipment requested. The Balance will be due on the day of your event, unless other arrangements have been made. Any balance that is not paid on the day of the event will be subject to a $25.00 service fee. Any balance that is older than 30 days will have a $25.00 late fee added.

We reserve the right to stop or cancel one or all of our attractions due to inclement weather such as Thunderstorms, Lighting, High or Gusting Winds and etc.


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